Am I not entitled to the best of the best?
I’m simply asking, just like the rest.
The riches I’ve worked hard to earn,
Is only mine to claim in return.
It’s selfish you say?
Well, rightfully so if I may.
How can what I have not be mine?
I purchased it with every dime.
If I give it all away,
What will I have at the end of the day?

Ah, well there lies your value.

Everything comes at a cost.
Things that can be gained and lost.
What if you’re worth more than your possessions?
This, my friend, is his transgression.
Fix your eyes on what is true,
Because everything you have was not earned but given to you.
Your skills, your opportunities, your will,
Were always in his plan to fulfill.
So enjoy the things you can grasp,
Just know there’s more to what you have.

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